Why choose us

-   "We look after you 365 days"

What we provide

Candarin Home offers a great service in helping you select a new property. We work hard to meet your needs and make your life easier and secure your stability in the new environment.

  1. We select the best properties near your chosen University in central London
  2. We find you only qualifying roommates with same interests as yours who come to study in UK
  3. We make sure your bills (electricity, gas and cleaning services) are paid on time hassle free for you.
  4. We provide you super fast internet

We constantly provide great service and 100% guarantied satisfaction. 90% of our clients are renewing their contract with us. The other 10% are the ones that go back to their countries.

We love what we do, and we bring commitment at what we do. We believe in collaborating with tenants, brings exceptional services

We listen and we act

We listen, we discus and we deal with your concerns. We like to hear about any problems you have and try to come with the solution within 48 hours. We love to hear what you like and about the plans you have while studying in London.

We look after you 365 days

At the start we spend time understanding and defining your demand. We will select the best option to fit. Put it simply, if you want an agency that cares about your needs chose Candarin Home. The choice is always yours.

Our services continue long after you have moved to your property. We maintain, organize, arrange and solve your problems related to your accommodation at the best possible way.