Terms & Privacy

Please read this document carefully. It contains important information about your rights and obligations. It also contains a disclaimer of warranty and a limitation of liability clause.

This document outlines the terms and services we provide and to which you agree to use. Please review these Terms of Services carefully and make sure you understand them before you agree.


  1. Definition of terms



The premises

This includes any parts of the house or flat, gardens, paths, fences, boundaries or other outbuildings or parking spaces that belong to us and form part of the tenancy. When the tenancy is part of a larger building, the premises include the right to use shared access and other similar facilities.

The building

If the premises are part of a larger building, such as a flat in a block or flats, this term means that building and any of its grounds.

Landlord, we, us

This includes the person or people who own the premises. This gives us the right to take back the premises at the end of the tenancy.

Tenant, you

This includes anyone who is entitled to use the premises under the terms of the tenancy, including the permitted occupiers (see below). If this is a joint tenancy you are all responsible (separately and jointly) for the tenants’ responsibilities. This is knows and several liabilities (See below).

Joint and several liability

Joint and several liability means that both individual and jointly all of the tenants are individual and jointly responsible for paying rent and for all other tenants’ responsibility during the tenancy.


This is someone who agrees to meet your responsibility under this tenancy agreement. If you do not keep to them (for example, paying your rent).

The term of the tenancy

How long the tenancy lasts as set out in this agreement and shown in clause B4


The money you give our managing agent in case you fail to keep to any of the terms of this agreement. Either we the agency or the landlord t will hold the money during the tenancy.

Stakeholder for deposit

We,or the managing agent can only take money from your deposit at the end of the tenancy if you agree, or unless a county court decides otherwise.


Any of our furniture, furnishings, carpets, sanitary ware (toilet bowls, cisterns, baths, basins, showers and other fittings). Decorative features, electrical equipment, other equipment or any floor, ceiling or wall including anything listed in any inventory we supply (see below).

Our permission

If the agreement states you need our permission to do something, you must ask us to give you our permission in writing to avoid misunderstandings later

Inventory and condition of the property

The documents we have had prepared showing details of our fixtures, fittings, furnishings, equipment and so on, including the condition of the premises in general. We will rely on the Inventory at the end of the tenancy to asses any damage (other than reasonable wear and tear), so you should check it carefully at the start of the tenancy.

Managing agent

The agent who is in charge  to manage the premises and tenancy on our behalf


One calendar month, not just four weeks but 4.333 weeks

Permitted occupier (s)

The person or persons allowed to live in the premises under the agreement

Working days

Any day other than Saturday, Sunday or any legal public Holidays

2. Tenants’ responsibilities

The Tenant agrees to the following:

  1. Paying Rent
    1. To pay the rent by set out on page 4 of this Agreement whether or not it has been formally demanded.
    2. To pay £5 per day for late payment penalty.
    3. Tenant shall pay the rent up to the departure date on contract. A security deposit that the tenant has paid at the beginning of the tenancy agreement cannot be treated as a last month’s rent.
    4. To pay any bank charges we are charged by our bank if any payment made is cancelled or not paid for any reason.
  1. Access and Inspection
    1. To allow the landlord, any superior landlord or authorised contractors to enter the room with or without workmen and with all necessary equipment, as long as the tenant is given 24 hours notice (Except in an emergency).
    2. During the last two months’ of the tenancy, to allow CH show the premises to possible new tenants or someone who wants to buy the premises.
    3. To only allow viewings for empty rooms from Candarin Home members. Where possible, we will advise of visits, however this may not always be the case should someone want to see the room at short notice.
  1. Assignment
    1. Not to assign, sublet, part with, or share the possession of all part the room with any other person without the landlord’s prior consent.
    2. Not to take in lodgers or paying guests or allow any person other than the person named as the tenant in this agreement and any permitted family, children or personal staff to occupy or reside in the room.
  1. Use of the room
    1. To use the room only as a private residence for the occupation of the Tenant.
    2. Not to register any private companies at the address of the property  (room).
    3. Not to run a business solely from the room.
    4. Not to use the room for any illegal or immoral purpose
    5. Not to use or consume or allow to be used or consumed any drugs or any other substance which is, or becomes, prohibited or restricted by law other than according to any conditions required for the legal use of such restricted substance.
  1. Animals and Pets
    1. You must not keep any animals, reptiles, insects, rodents or birds at the premises without first getting our or our managing agent’s permission in writing.  If we, or our managing agents do give our permission we may ask you to pay an additional fees towards the deposit to cover any possible damage the animals or any pets may cause.
  1. Leaving the rooms locked
    1. Always lock the house doors and windows at all times when leaving the property.
    2. We do not provide any cover under any insurance policy arranged by us for damage/theft to your personal belongings or valuables. Nor do we provide cover for claims against you from other parties for damage to property, theft or personal injury that results from something you have or have not done (we call this negligence). You should arrange insurance for these at your own expense.
  1. Allowing notices on the premises
    1. During the last two months of the tenancy, you must allow us to display for sale or to let board or notice on the premises.

8.   Not change locks 
8.1 You must not install or change any locks on any doors or windows at the premises or the building, or have any extra keys cut for any locks without our permission in writing.
8.2 If you lose the keys to the premises or the building, you must pay us any costs to supply and fit replacement locks.
8.3 To pay for any cost for the keys that have been lost, not returned at the end of the tenancy

9. Non-Smoking Rule
9.1 A non-smoking rule applies to all tenants in order to protect the property from any damage, potential hazard of fire or any extra cleaning up to remove the smell and colour from the walls
9.2 The tenant is responsible to maintain and restore the property to its original condition, which may take into account of reasonable alternations, including drapes and carpets.
9.3  £100 penalty will be charged on the first offense. If the tenant refuses to pay, the amount will then be deducted from the deposit.

10. Check-in
10.1 To inform the landlord of any damages to the furniture and furnishings in the premises within 24 hours after moving in. Tenant is required to provide the pictures as evidence. This includes any broken furniture, missing goods, dirt or any other issues, which seem necessary to report. Failure to do so will result in Tenant being responsible toward the costs on any repair, replacement or cleaning service.
10.2 To pay extra costs for any additional furniture delivery, removal or installation. Please not: £ 20 per item will apply for the delivery or removal under landlord’ consent. Storage fee may vary according to the size of the item.

11. Non acceptable wall alternations
11.1 You must not fix any posters, pictures, photographs or ornaments to the walls, ceilings or woodwork with nails, glue, sticky tape, blue-tack or similar fixings except a reasonable number of picture hooks.
11.2 You must repair of pay us the reasonable costs of repairing any unreasonable damage, marks or holes caused by, or as a result of, removing any fixings.

12. Prevent condensation
12.1 You must take reasonable care to heat and ventilate the premises to help prevent condensation. If there is condensation, you must wipe it down and clean any surfaces when necessary to prevent mould building up or damage to the premises and its fixtures and fittings.
12.2 To open the window of the bathroom after shower to avoid mould. Charges range from  £ 50 (localised treatment) to  £250 (if painting the whole room is needed).
12.3 To dry wet clothes in the local laundry shop to avoid mould. Drying wet clothes in the bedroom could build up mould in the property and the bedroom. The tenant must make sure to clean the property and avoid mould building by himself/herself.

13. Keep the premise clean
13.1 To keep the room and fixtures and fittings in a clean and tidy condition.
13.2 To keep all the kitchen cabinet units, worktop and inside of the fridge in a clean and tidy condition. Payment of £30 for the professional cleaning of the communal areas by cleaners requested if found dirty.
13.3 To dispose the rubbish in the rubbish bin outside the building provided by the landlord or the council to avoid bad odour and contamination in the premises. Failing to do so, the tenants will be charged £10 per bag for removing any excess rubbish from the premises.
13.4 To clean the inside of the windows regularly and at the end of the tenancy, provided that they are in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy as shown in the inventory and schedule of condition.
13.5 For health and safety, any pest found such as bed bugs, mice, etc. must be reported within 72 hours. Failing to do so, you will be liable towards the costs of pest control services in the room. The tenant may be liable to pay the pest control charge (£60 per treatment, minimum of 3 treatments needed in each case) if the dirt and non-maintenance which attracts mice or bugs, has been caused by the tenant. In the case of bed bugs, the tenant must wash/boil all the beddings as well as affected clothes in the room, apart from any treatment provided. You have to make sure the windows are open for a period of time every day to avoid the excessive humidity in the property.

14. Replace broken glass
14.1 Replace and pay for, all broken glass if the breakage occurred by you or any of your visitors.

15. Replace light bulbs
15.1 You must replace all fuses, bulbs/fluorescent tubes during and at the end of the tenancy. Please note the cost to replace a light bulb during the tenancy is the cost of a contractor call out and it’s a minimum of  £30 per visit.

16. Drains
16.1 You are responsible for unblocking and keeping all gutters, sewers, drains, toilet bowls, cistems, basins, baths, showers, water pipes and ducks (and other fittings you have reasonable access to) free from blockages.

17. Qualified contractors
17.1 You must use an appropriately qualified contractor to carry out any of your responsibilities to repair or maintain the premises.

18. Report faults
18.1 You must tell us as soon as possible and in writing about any repairs or faults we are responsible for. You may be legally responsible for any loss or cost which are as a result of a repair or fault you do not tell us about.

19. Not overload electrical circuits
19.1 You must not overload the electrical circuits by using inappropriate multi-socket electrical adaptors or extension cables when connecting appliances to the mains.

20. Use of the Premises
20.1 To use best endeavour to share the premises peacefully and amicably with other occupiers that are living at the premises. In particular, the tenant should show considerations for others in the use of the Premises.
20.2 Not to use the room/premises or allow others to use the room/premises in a way that could cause a nuisance annoyance or damage to any neighbouring, adjoining or adjacent occupiers or the owners. This includes any nuisance caused by noise.
20.3 Tenants are required not to use or share the premises/empty room or allow the premise to be used by non- occupants or, to take on any lodgers or paying guest or allow any person to sleep, reside or stay at the premises unless agreed by us, the agent or landlord prior to moving in..
20.4 Under other circumstances where the permission from us the agent has been given for another person other than you stays overnight at the premises or room, the tenant will have to ask other flatmates for permission and shall be liable for any exceeded bills. If he/she needs to stay more than three days in a week, authorisation from landlord is required at £20 extra per person per week, and extra rent will be charged with the standard rent for the property.
20.5 Please note: Always be considerate for the neighbours in terms of keeping the noise down and friends visiting. Loud music or noise is not permitted between the hours of 22:00pm and 9:00am by law. Failing to do so, it may result a serious warning and penalty at a minimum of £100 or get evicted from the premises.

21. Utilities
21.1 Utilities (Inclusive)
21.11 CH will contribute a maximum £5 per room per week to cover the costs of provision of electricity.
21.12 CH will contribute a maximum £10 per room per week to cover the costs of provision of gas, water and Internet.
21.13 For the premises with a standard meter, you must submit both electricity and gas meter reading to the office by emailing to info@candarinuk.com on both days of moving in and moving out.
21.14 For premises with a top-up meter, you should ensure all original receipts are kept in order to get a refund back from CH – by sending receipts via email to info@candarinuk.com or presenting them in person to CH office.
21.15 If you have received notifying email from CH for any exceeded bills for the period of your stay, you must pay it off within 2 weeks from the date of your email. You shall share any exceeded bills with the flat/house mates in the premises.
21.16 TV license with for the premises is not provided. You are responsible to pay any charges if you have a TV and needs a TV license or any penalty for license evasion.

21. 2 Utilities (Exclusive)
21.21 You must pay all charges for gas, electricity, water and Internet companies.
21.22 You share any bills with the flat/house mates in the premises.
21.23 Should you fail to pay your utility accounts in full the cost will be deducted from your deposit and paid on your behalf and you will be charge our cost in resolving the matter.


22. Internet service
22.1 CH will provide either BT Open Zone Access or Wireless Broadband internet through third party. For new properties, CH will take up to three weeks for installing the internet. CH cannot take responsibility for any delays.
22.2 You shall make time for engineer’s visit to install the Internet. Otherwise, it may result in delay for setting the internet up and it could take another 3 weeks and extra charge for rebooking another appointment. You will be responsible for the extra charge.
22.3 If the internet service has been interrupted or sluggish or even stopped working because of a fault on the line or from the service provider which is beyond CH’s control, no refunds or discounts from the rent will be authorised.

23. Terminating or Ending this Agreement
“The following clauses set out the ways in which this Agreement may be brought to an end by either party. In addition, these clauses set out the procedures which the Tenant or Landlord shall use when the Tenancy is brought to and end”
If at any time:
23.1 The rent or any part of it remains unpaid for 14 days after falling due.
23.2 Any agreement or obligation that you are not complied.
23.3 Alcohol misuse and drug abuse will lead to immediate termination of the tenancy. In this case, you will be evicted from the premises within 24 hours after disc.

24. Early Termination
24.1 If you vacate the room during the terms apart from according to any agreed break clause, that is included within the agreement, you will remain liable to pay rent and any other costs payable under this agreement until the term expires. You cannot end the tenancy agreement early without the landlord’s/agent’s agreement. If you leave, you are liable for the rent until the end of the agreement period.
24.2 Walking away without notice or posting the keys by your own will, will not end a tenancy agreement. The agreement will continue even though you have left the premise and the landlord has the right continue charging the rent. Landlord can apply for a court order to make you pay off whatever is owed.
24.3 To terminate the contract earlier than the original expire date, you must give an official written notice 30 days before vacating the property together with the landlord’s/agent’s authorisation. Any rent and deposit paid will not be refunded if you move out prior to the ending date. If you have found any suitable replacement, the landlord/agent reserves the right to determine the refusal or acceptance for the replacement. If the landlord/agent agrees and is happy with the proposed future tenants, a reference fee of £90 pounds will be charged. If the landlord/agent refuse and are not happy with the proposed replacement, you will still be liable for the remaining  full amount rental until the replacement has been found and has been accepted.

25. Check Out
25.1 In accordance with the terms in the contract, please ensure that all personal items are removed from the premises by 11:am on your departure date. Please also take pictures for you're your own reference after removing all personal belongings. Keys must be immediately returned to the office by 12:00 PM. Please note that failure to return the keys on time a charge of £20 will occur  for the late return of the key after 12:00 pm on the day of the departure.
25.2 You must move out on the end date of the tenancy agreement. If you fail to do so without permission from Candarin Home Ltd, the landlord/agent reserves the right to remove all the belongings from the premises to a storage space at your own expense (you will be charged £50 for the removal plus £10 per storage bag per day for the storage).
25.3 You are not allowed to dispose any rubbish or unwanted items in front or inside of the premises. You will be charged £10 per bag for removing any excess rubbish from the premises.
25.4 All none-working light bulbs in the room must be changed and to make sure that they are all in working order.  Please note that the cost to replace a light bulb at the end of tenancy is the cost of a contractor call out and this is a minimum of  £30.  
25.5 A final inspection will be arranged after you have vacated the property. The room that was occupied by you should be left in clean, pristine condition as failure to do so will occur a charge of £50 room cleaning service, £50 mould treatment and £50 carpet-cleaning steaming services that will be deducted from the holding deposit

26. Deposit
26.1 In order to finalise end of the tenancy agreement and refund the balance of any overpayment and remaining deposit to you, you have to notify us the following details by sending email to info@candarinuk.com.
a. Your contact address.
b. Your bank information: for UK bank: the account holder name, bank name, sort code and the account number; or for international bank: the account holder name, account holder address, bank name, bank address, IBAN code and BIC (SEIFT) code are needed.
26.2 It will take  between 2-5 weeks after your move out date for the deposit to be credited back to your chosen account.
26.3.If any of the terms in this agreement have been broken or mistreated in any form or way we have a right to hold a sum of money to cover those costs from your holding deposit.


3. Landlord’s responsibilities

The Landlord agrees to the following:

  1. Cleaning
    1. We will make sure the premises are in a clean and tidy condition before your tenancy starts and make sure all appliances are in a good  and working condition .
  1. Not increase the rent
    1. We will not increase the rent within the tenancy term.


3. Insurance
3.1 We will keep the premises and our contents (if any) insured for any amounts we feel appropriate. We will insure the premises against fire and other risks normally covered by a comprehensive household insurance policy and any other risks we consider necessary.

4. Our appliances
4.1 We will take reasonable steps to make sure the gas and electrical appliances and other electrical appliances in the premises for which we are responsible work properly. We will repair them when needed during the tenancy as long as the repairs are considered as a result of reasonable wear and tear.

5. Repairs
5.1 To comply with the requirements of section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 which imposes obligations on the Landlord to keep the premises in good repair, to keep in working order the installations in the premises for supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths, and sanitary conveniences, but not other fixtures, fittings and appliances for making use of gas, water and electricity) and to keep in proper working order the installations in the premises for space and water heating.

6. Quietly enjoying the premises
6.1 Not to interrupt or interfere with your lawful occupation, enjoyment or use of the premises other than in an emergency or in the normal and lawful process of exercising our rights and obligations under this Agreement and having provided a written notice at least 24 hours prior.