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Cancellation before the contract start date

More than 90 days prior to the contract start date, 50% holding deposit will be refunded, no admin fee will be refunded.

More than 45 days prior to the contract start date, 25% holding deposit will be refunded, no admin fee will be refunded

Less than 45 days prior to the contract start date, no booking fee will be refunded

Cancellation after the contract start date

If you vacate the room during the terms apart from according to any agreed break clause, that is included within the agreement, you will remain liable to pay rent and any other costs payable under this agreement until the term expires. You cannot end the tenancy agreement early without the landlord's/agent's agreement. If you leave, you are liable for the rent until the end of the agreement period.

Walking away without notice or posting the keys by your own will, will not end a tenancy agreement. The agreement will continue even though you have left the premise and the landlord has the right continue charging the rent. Landlord can apply for a court order to make you pay off whatever is owed.

To terminate the contract earlier than the original expire date, you must give an official written notice 30 days before vacating the property together with the landlord's/agent's authorisation. Any rent and deposit paid will not be refunded if you move out prior to the ending date. If you have found any suitable replacement, the landlord/agent reserves the right to determine the refusal or acceptance for the replacement. If the landlord/agent agrees and is happy with the proposed future tenants, a reference fee of £90 pounds will be charged. If the landlord/agent refuse and are not happy with the proposed replacement, you will still be liable for the remaining full amount rental until the replacement has been found and has been accepted.