About Us

-   "We look after you 365 days"

Candarin Homes – helping settle international students in London

Based in central London, Candarin Home Ltd provides trusted and reliable student accommodation services particularly to international students. It is our goal to provide overseas students the best rental services in central London near universities.

Candarin Home consists of a group of young, responsible and intelligent professionals in providing student-housing service in central London. We are not only an advertising agent for accommodation providers in central London. We will look after you and your accommodation throughout your tenancy term. We want you to feel safe and stay comfortably when using our service.

About The Founder

Born Entrepreneur

Ting Zhao was born into a family of business brains. In the small town outside Shanghai where she grew up, her parents ran their own companies, so she saw the recipe for success first-hand. "I saw that you need to be a good problem-solver, flexible and efficient; and that it's just as important to think about how you can be valuable to your community and society," she says.

After her undergraduate degree at Nottingham, Ting decided she wanted to help Chinese students who were studying abroad select the right university course for them. Harnessing her entrepreneurial skills, she started to develop software for this but ran into difficulties. Just days before she was about to enter the UCL Bright Ideas Awards 2013, she used her business acumen to choose another path and came up with the idea that was to become Candarin Home

A brainwave and a change of direction

Ting had realised that many Chinese students who came to study in London had problems in finding good accommodation. If she could be the meeting point between students and accommodation providers, she could offer a service that would make new students' lives far easier.

When Bright Ideas Awards 2014 rolled around, Ting was ready. Not only did she have a business plan and a confident presentation, she already had 30 clients, so she was making a profit already. She had worked with several agencies near universites to find accommodation and then helped students select what best suited them.

Finding a niche

This business model has worked brilliantly so far, and Ting credits Lillian Shapiro, Student Business Advisor at UCL Advances, for all her help. "Lillian has helped so much," says Ting. "She has connected me to great marketing and web people, told me about free entrepreneurship courses provided for by UCL, and helped me get the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship Visa, which was amazing."

Ting has now moved out of the UCL Advances Hatchery space into her own office in central London. The Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship Visa gives her the chance to build a business in the UK based on a clear market strategy, a scalable financial model and a positive social impact.

Firm foundations

Ting is an exceptional person," says Lillian. "She is smart, charming, and very focused on providing an excellent service to customers. Her positive attitude has ensured she succeeds, finding solutions to problems, learning from them and moving up to a higher level."

With her first employees starting this month and around a hundred clients on its list, Candarin Homes looks set to soar.